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Sense Call Recording

Award-winning integrated hardware and software solution providing call recording, call reporting and call management for multiple lines/handsets.

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Mobile Recording

The complete mobile recording solution with GPS & SMS included. Data stored securely on UK servers in the Cloud for just £19.99 per month.

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Telephone Security

Voice Firewall is designed stop calls and reduce excessive bills through telephone system fraud, enhancing your telephone system security.

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Single Line Solutions

Browse our extensive range of call recording and telephony products for any office, of any size, for home workers or for the private home user.

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  • Phone hacking costs businesses millions of pounds every year. Don’t be a victim

    Protect your telephone system against phone hacking/phreaking with our Voice Firewall security system.

  • How much is call recording worth to your business?

    Our calculator lets you know how much your business could save by recording phone calls.

Featured Case Study

Balfour International

Balfour is a market leader in audio-visual digital display media, working in partnership with advertisers and venues around the world to offer them new and innovative ways to connect (or reconnect) with their customers.

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Why choose Retell?

Retell offers a wealth of telecomms services designed to help you gain the most from your call recording solution.

Retell knows, inside-out, the products, the technology and the ways in which telephone recording equipment can benefit your organisation. Retell designs, builds, delivers, rents, sells, installs, supports and maintains the most comprehensive range of call recording equipment available on the market today – from single handset recording software for a PC to thousands of channels across multiple siteComputer telephony integration (CTI) links your telephone system with servers and databases pan-enterprise.

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Latest News from Retell

Retell Launch Early Bird Support Service

Retell have launched our new Early Bird Support service for our early-rising customers.  The service features guaranteed 1 hour response on support calls made between the hours of 7.30am to 8.30am.   More Details  How much does it cost? This is an enhanced service available tor customers with Diamond Support […]

How modern technology can keep your children safe
How modern technology can help keep your children safe

Smart phones and technology as a whole have added so much to our lives. We are capable of doing and seeing more with greater ease. We can access information that we never dreamt that we could years ago. Conversing with friends, family, and strangers from across the world is simple. […]

If only these businesses had recorded their calls

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has confirmed that Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds and RBS will start the full review of their sales of interest rate hedging products (IRHPs) to small businesses. In June last year, the FCA announced that it had found serious failings in the sale of IRHPs. Today’s announcement […]

Retell launch secure hosted mobile phone recording software

Retell, the UK’s preferred call recording vendor has launched mobile phone recording at an unprecedented price point. The software installs on most BlackBerry and Android mobile phones and records calls seamlessly, it even has an optional announcement to say that calls are recorded. The features don’t stop there, Retell have […]

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